Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Station - Burlington, Kansas Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation (WCNOC), KALSI Engineering

Wolf_CreekProject Description: This nuclear station is made up of one Westinghouse’s Pressurized Water Reactor with an electrical output of approximately 1200 Megawatts. MADERO has worked for WCNOC in multiple projects. In 2005, a project team consisting of MADERO and KALSI Engineering, developed and implemented a World Class Power Operated Valve (POV) Program whose cost was well in excess of $1.5 million dollars. The success of this program was a key contributor for Wolf Creek Station obtaining INPO’s maximum and prestigious plant rating of 1 in the area of Engineering. Since year 2007, MADERO has been providing Engineering Consulting and Project Engineering services to WCNOC at the Wolf Creek Station. These services cover various projects that support the plant’s daily operation and maintenance activities. Services Provided: Provided expert advice in the successful development and implementation of WCNOC’s POV program. Generation of System Level Design Basis Review Calculations. Reconciliation of emergent Systems and Power Operated Valves’ Design and Operational issues. Onsite consulting and project engineering responsibilities and activities include but are not limited to:

  • Updated the Class 1E Battery Sizing and the DC Voltage Drop calculations in support of a plant modification that replaced the existing Main Steam Isolation Valves & Main Feedwater Isolation Valves.
  • Performed design and analysis calculations for AC (medium & low voltage) and DC (125Vdc & 250Vdc) distribution systems. Updated existing Class 1E 120Vac MCC Power Distribution System Voltage Drop and Short Circuit Protection calculations.
  • Provide technical resolution to NRC CDBI (Configuration Design Basis Inspection) findings regarding the basis of the resistance values listed in the plant Technical Specifications (T.S.) for the Class 1E batteries’ inter-cell connectors.
  • Performed acceptance review including technical analysis of the ETAP 120Vac electrical distribution model for accuracy and assistance in the resolution emerging technical problems/conflicts and the formulation of proposed design modifications to resolve emergent issues.
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