Structural Assessments of Transmission Towers at the Stewart, O’Brien, DOW-Velasco, and Green Bayou Substations, TX CenterPoint Energy


Project Description: As part of emergent technical information, operating experience, structures / systems / components life extension activities, and de-regulation, Center Point Energy performed selfassessment for facing present and future challenges in order to stay competitive. Some of the activities that were addressed during the implementation of this project included applicability review of design codes requirements updates (e.g. ASCE Standard 7-02), age degradation detrimental effects (e.g. corrosion), changes in environmental conditions (e.g. new wind loads & patterns), reconciliation of equipment installation non-conformances, and operability reviews and determinations. CenterPoint assigned MADERO with the development and implementation of a comprehensive structural assessment program for Transmission Towers at the subject substations.

Services Provided: MADERO’s responsibilities include but were not limited to:

  • Program Management, Engineering Consulting, Field Engineering, Inspections and Testing
  • Geotechnical Testing
  • Developed Structural Assessment Corporate Program Plan, and implementing procedures for Field Inspections, Walkdown and Testing.
  • Stray Current Testing
  • Performed comprehensive Engineering Calculation for assessing the degraded structural conditions of the towers, including recommended corrective actions and determination of structure operability.
  • Metallurgical Testing including determination of actual metal harness and material type.
  • Generatedcomprehensive Root Cause
  • Analysis Report including short and long term recommendations for controlling and monitoring degradations.
  • Chemical & Biological Testing for determining potential corrosion sources.
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