Caddo and Heights Substations / Texas City, TX
Texas-New Mexico Power Company, Sargent & Lundy Engineers

Project Description: Texas-New Mexico Power  (TNMP) decided  to upgrade  the Caddo and Heights
138kV  substations  to  accommodate  the  increased  power  flow  (approximately  100MW)  into  the
TNMP’s transmission grid from a new cogeneration plant of a large industrial customer. 
The  project  team, MADERO  and  Sargent &  Lundy  Engineers, were  responsible  for  the  design  and
modifications of  transmission and distribution, and substation structures, systems and components, as
well as the Construction Management of the project. caddo1The  project  scope  of  work  included  the installation  of  new  138kV  dead  end  towers,  gas circuit  breakers,  potential  transformers,  line positions, re-bussing  of  substation  rings  /  line conductors, replacement of existing ring switches, wave  trap  replacement,  as  well  as  foundation work  for  the  dead  end  towers  and  gas  circuit breakers. The project  team designed  and modified 345kV, 138kV,  and  69kV  lattice  transmission  towers, substations,  dead  end  structures,  wave  trap support structures and bus support structures.

Services Provided:
Provided Construction Management services  including field engineering; preparation of construction
documents, such as:  specifications, materials list, drawings; preparation of bid documents; solicit and
manage bid process; scheduling; estimating; monitoring; supervision; reporting; procurement; billing;
contracting; accounting; commissioning.

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