5.8.  Beaver Valley Power Station / Pittsburgh, PA
First Energy Nuclear Operating Company (FENOC)

Project  Description:  Managed,  Developed  and beaver1Implemented  a Multi-million  dollar World  Class  Power Operated  Valve  (POV)  Program  at  FENOC’s  Beaver Valley  Nuclear  Power  Station.  This  nuclear  station  is made  up  of  two  Westinghouse’s  Pressurized  Water Reactors  with  a  combined  electrical  output  of  2300 Megawatts.

Services Provided:

  • Management of the overall development and implementation of the POV program
  • Generation of System and Component level design basis review calculations
  • Establishment of a Preventive Maintenance program
  • Risk informed categorization of components based on probabilistic risk analysis and other relevant industry data / guidance and methodologies
  • Generation and implementation of process improvements strategies for work activities, data management and documentation, including the creation of equipment databases and software
  • Establish component diagnostic testing strategies, acceptance criteria, and frequencies
  • Procurement & Purchasing
  • Provide Personnel Training as related to the development, implementation and maintenance of POV program
  • Design basis reconstitution and reconciliation
  • Establishment of a Performance Monitoring and Trending program
  • Development and implementation of Setpoint Control calculations, and related data management database, for maintenance department usage in future testing activities
  • Generation of the corporate and site specific POV Program Administrative Procedure which included identification of methodologies, organizations, responsibilities, interfaces, procedures, and controls necessary for program implementation
  • Component Reliability and Availability improvements
  • Design changes and modifications