Indian Point Power Station / Buchanan, NY
Entergy Nuclear Northeast

Project Description:

MADERO provided Project Management and Engineering Consulting for the following IPEC Security
Improvement Projects:
•  Access Control Points Facilities including Command Post Building Renovations 
•  Secondary Alarm System (SAS) and Central Alarm System (CAS)
•  Owner Controlled Area (OCA) and Protected Area (PA) Access Control Point Facilities
•  South Perimeter Fence Relocation and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Upgrades

Indian_Point_10  Indian_Point_11

Services Provided: Responsibilities included but were not limited to:
Contract Administration, Planning, Scheduling, Coordination, Engineering Consulting, Supervision and
Generation  of  Feasibility  Study  for  the Access Control  Point  Facilities  including  the Command  Post
Building Renovations.
MADERO  also  performed  peer  review  and  evaluation  of ARINC’s  Security Assessment Report  and
Budgetary  Estimates.  The  ARINC  report  provided  overviews,  findings  and  recommendations  for
upgrading IPEC’s Access Control System, CCTV Subsystem and Badging Systems. IPEC’s site security
command  and  control  consisted  of  two  sets  of  dedicated  CAS/SAS  alarm  systems  and  independent
security computer systems. One of  the objectives at IPEC was  to  integrate  to one set of alarm stations
and  install a new security computer for  the entire site. MADERO managed workshops and discussions
between ARINC  and  IPEC’s  key  stake  holders  such  as  Security,  Information  Technology  (IT),  I&C
Maintenance, and Engineering departments.