Several Houston Area Schools / City of Houston, TX
Houston Independent School District (HISD)



Project  Description:  Performed  facilities  engineering;  architectural,
mechanical,  electrical  and  civil/structural  assessments,  evaluations  and
modifications  as  related  to  integrity  of  buildings,  including  HVAC  and
Plumbing  systems  and  components;  optimizations  of  existing  equipment  as
well as new designs; preparation and evaluation of design  / build packages;
Project Management and Inspections.

Services Provided:
Responsibilities included but are not limited to:

♦  Compliance with the Texas State Senate Bill
509 for the survey and verification of
asbestos compliance, with “evidence
acceptable to the municipality”, at all parts of
the building affected by the planned
renovation and/or demolition, before work

♦  Provided Project Management, Field
Supervision, Personnel Administration;
Technical Bid Evaluation; Planning &
Scheduling; Cost Estimating.

♦  Performed complete set of HVAC and
Plumbing calculations in accordance with
ASHRAE regulations, NFPA 101, “Code of
Safety of Life”, and the Uniform Building

♦  Produced engineering drawings for the
demolition and removal of existing air
conditioning units, to include disengaging of
ductwork, chilled and hot water piping and
electrical connections.

♦  Generated and/or revise designs, drawings,
and specifications related to HVAC and
Plumbing Systems and components, as well
as their As-built configuration.

♦  Approved for HISD of outside vendors
drawings and specifications, technical support
at bid opening and help to select the
appropriate contracting company.

♦  Generated engineering calculations,
specifications and drawings for architectural,
electrical, mechanical and civil/structural
modifications and/or new designs.

♦  Architectural tasks included facility
preservation and restoration design.
Preparation & evaluation of design bid