Ship Turbine Repair & Maintenance Facility, Port of Houston, Texas.
ABB, Inc.

Project  Description:  In  order  to  capture  the
growing  business  of  repairing  and  maintaining
large  ships  in  North  America,  ABB  took  the
initiative  to  construct  a  Ship  Turbine  Repair  &
Maintenance Facility. 
ABB assigned MADERO  the responsibility for  the
Engineering,  Procurement,  Construction  (EPC)
services for the subject Design-Build project.

ship2 ship3

Services Provided: The scope of work included: Architectural, Engineering, Project & Construction
Management, and Field Engineering services. Responsibilities included but were not limited to:

♦  Generated and/or revised Architectural,
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Civil and
Structural drawings, calculations and
specifications for structures, systems and

♦  Modifications and new designs in accordance
with applicable building codes.

♦  Responsible for obtaining Building
Construction Permits, resolution of comments
with the regulating authority

♦ Provided overall Management; Personnel
Administration; Technical Bid Evaluation;
Planning & Scheduling; Cost Estimating.
Coordinated with client, vendors and
contractors progress reports.

♦ Coordinated with client, vendors and
contractors progress reports.

♦ Negotiated with vendors and contractors best
value deals for project.

♦ Generation and upkeep of the Construction
Progress Schedule’s Microsoft Project plan.

♦ Equipment Procurement & Purchasing.

♦ Field Technical Support.