Social & Corporate Events Center (SCEC) – Houston, TX

Project  Description:  The  SCEC  facility  was  designed
and  constructed  for  hosting  social  and  corporate  events
such  as  banquets,  trainings,  seminars,  teleconferences,
MADERO  was  assigned  the  responsibility  for  the
Engineering,  Procurement,  Construction  (EPC)  services
for the subject Design-Build project.


Services Provided: The scope of work included: Architectural, Engineering, Project & Construction
Management, and Field Engineering services. Responsibilities included but were not limited to:

♦  Generated and/or revised Architectural,
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire
Protection, Civil and Structural drawings,
calculations and specifications for structures,
systems and components.

♦  Generate engineering calculations,
specifications and drawings for architectural,
electrical, mechanical and civil/structural
modifications and new designs.

♦  Perform complete set of HVAC and
Plumbing calculations in accordance with
ASHRAE regulations, NFPA 101, “Code of
Safety of Life”, and the Uniform Building

♦ Provided Overall Project Management, Field
Supervision, Personnel Administration;
Technical Bid Evaluation; Planning &
Scheduling; Cost Estimating.

♦ Coordinated with client, vendors and
contractors progress reports.

♦ Negotiated with vendors and contractors best
value deals for project.

♦ Generation and upkeep of the Construction
Progress Schedule’s Microsoft Project plan.

♦ Responsible for obtaining Building
Construction Permits and Asbestos Surveys

♦ Equipment Procurement & Purchasing.

♦ Field Technical Support.